How To Make Your Website Maintenance Services Look Like A Million Bucks

Here’s a really different context using a similar principle. Of course, a very large image takes up this home space, even on the homepage, we’re1presented with a large image that takes1up the majority of the space, but our eye1is almost immediately drawn up too.

The top left where we see the logo and the1business name. And then, now that we ‘ve already seen this large image and theology, we are brought to our different options at the website, immediately enticed to browse their services. There are exceptions to this rule but this is really important to keep in mind, because1it’s a behavior pattern that has been scientifically tested and proven. The next we want to talk about is making your website mobile friendly, and it’s funny that so many people think of this as a feature.I’m sorry people.

It’s going on 1and having a Website Maintenance Services mobile-friendly website is no longer feature, it’s a necessity! More1people browse the internet on mobile devices than on desktop computers. On top of this exponentially changing trend, the other thing to remember is that viewer habits also change, along with this. So aside from just having a website that presents clean and clear on a mobile device, I recommend keeping in-mind two things. Keep in mind scroll11fatigue- people aren’t endlessly going to1scroll down and down and down on your1webpage on a mobile device. They’re going1to leave before they have to scroll too1far. And, of course, remember to use a1’click economy’- essentially meaning you don’t want people to have to press too many links or buttons to get to a place you want them to go through. If you want someone to buy an item from a shop.