Ten Reasons Why People Like MFI Printers

On this Windows client and this is actually the same printers you’ll see each one of those printers that I have on my Windows device are showing up here in this list now what Ivan do is if I come over here and get to that view actually clicking on this magnifying glass now I’m searching the simplified printing TX network for a new printer toned my test environment i only put three out there just for demonstration purposes but let’s say that I want to print to this HP color laser jet by clicking.

Add over here I’m subscribing to that printer and what you’ll see is that prayer immediately appeared down only devices and printers for it’s base don the screwdriver six virtual printer driver and if i print into this device right now the print job would go from my windows workstation out through my simplified printing TX print server handout to the printer it’s that simple bassoon as i subscribe to a printer ongoing to see it pop up in my printer sand faxes view in windows additionally can click through here I don’t have any print jobs on that work right now to show you but you’d be able to see print jobs going to your printers you could see the other people in the network again for demonstration purposes for my demo.

I just have this one user on the rebut then you can also get into some settings that we have so one thing that we do with this is we actually tie into your Active Directory so that we can login using your credentials so it’s basically a single sign on to the network if you’re on a ad domain connected device if you aren’t so if you’re on an iPad or an Android device or some other device you actually through this interface right here can enter in your credentials so that they’re save MFI printers you don’t have to type tit every.

Time additionally on the connection tab you can select either too an automatic server configuration in connection or connect to a specific Handheld Printers server because we do have this simplified printing TX server on your network now users need to be able to discover that well percent of the time they’re not going to have to worry about what the server is called or what the IP your name of it is if you put ads ERV entry into your domain system domain name system we will.